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There Are Many Gains to Be Had from Reducing Food Losses

16 October 2019

Few issues have generated as much public interest in recent years as food loss and waste, widely agreed to be a moral [...]

A Climate Change: An Unstoppable Movement Takes Hold

3 October 2019

On the eve of the September UN Climate Action Summit, young women and men around the world mobilized by the millions and [...]

Can Local Authorities Lead the Transition to Carbon Neutrality?

18 September 2019

In these turbulent times of climatic, economic and social uncertainty, communities and local authorities can and must lead the way in this [...]

A Future Worth Inheriting

10 October 2019

Building more sustainable, equitable and healthier lives Four years ago, the Inter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for InnovaTion project (INHERIT) set out [...]

Gaining Global Momentum

8 October 2019

All over the globe, leaders are looking at strongly addressing climate change. In December 2018 in Katowice, Poland, COP24 advanced a “rulebook” [...]

Reality Check on the Energiewende

23 September 2019

During the UN climate negotiations at the 23rd Conference of the Parties (CoP) in Bonn last November 2017, over 15 countries and [...]

Hydrogen: the Multitalented Fuel?

3 October 2019

What’s the difference between blue and green hydrogen? The colour affiliation attempts to indicate the origin of hydrogen, it’s more of a [...]

Is a Global Grid possible?

29 August 2019

The Vision of an Interconnected World The energy transition demands a radical change in infrastructure as we know it. The Global Energy [...]

Life Cycle Assessment: Back to the Basics

14 June 2019

You ever wonder what life cycle actually means and how it is measured and implemented? Here are some straight answers to learn [...]