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Refreshing our water resources

The Rise of European Water Start-ups: Who are the Next Champions?

9 May 2019

Although it is still early, European water start-ups are already changing the way water and wastewater is managed today, shaping tomorrow’s market.[...]

Valuable Resources are Being Recuperated from Brine!

17 April 2019

Based on circular economy business models, ZERO BRINE provides water solutions that recover and reuse minerals, water and metals from that sludgy ultra-salty[...]

Q&A with Dario Scannapieco

17 April 2019

Insights from Dario Scannapieco, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, into the key ingredients for the emergence of a water and energy community[...]

Water resilience starts upstream

16 April 2019

Over $1 trillion is needed over the next 25 years to fix, replace, and expand drinking-, waste-, and storm-water systems in the United States of America.[...]

Water Funds

16 April 2019

We should look to nature for solutions to the global water crisis. New York City faced a challenge in the 1990s: the city needed a new water filtration[...]

Adaptation: a circular water-energy-food economy

15 April 2019

Our response to the growing global need for fresh water must balance Earth’s limited natural resources with the demands of societies. Desalination and[...]

The Mediterranean Youth for Water Network (MedYWat)

10 April 2019

Empowering, Connecting & Change-Making If you are wondering who is working on making a better future for water around the Mediterranean, this is[...]

The Water Framework Directive

10 April 2019

What’s next for Europe’s water European water policy aims to ensure that we have enough good-quality water for all our needs and in the environment.[...]

The Water–Employment–Migration Nexus

7 March 2019

Water, employment and migration crises are posing rising risks globally. In parts of the Mediterranean, the situation on all three crises is alarming.[...]

Doñana: A Story of Destruction and Hope

20 February 2019

Flamingos soaring over shimmering water. The hum of crickets in the scorching heat of an Andalusian summer. An Iberian Lynx nursing its cub in a merciful[...]


21 January 2019

The greatest contributor to raising awareness about water scarcity is by far Mina Guli from Australia who has been running 1 marathon per day since 4[...]

On Water Polluter Responsibility

21 January 2019

Water operators have one goal: to keep water safe and clean. European water operators spend millions of euros to remove contaminants from water resources[...]