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Refreshing our water resources

The City of the Future is a ‘Water-Sensitive’ City

Water is essential wherever people decide to settle. It is indispensable for maintaining all kind of life, be it flora, fauna or humankind. [...]

From waste to resource

Re-designing the value chain of water and minerals for industry A new economy is emerging; one that is always keeping resources [...]

Twin sisters: water and sustainable development

Agenda 2030 and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the best opportunity to frame water research and innovation efforts; [...]

A journey to the end of the world

This is a collection of photographs from a research expedition to the eastern Antarctic Peninsula in 2018. A group of international [...]

How regional cooperation provides sustainable solutions around the Mediterranean

Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA) funds 48 projects addressing sustainability challenges Barcelona, [...]

Almar: Deploying water solutions globally

2019 has been an important year for Almar Water Solutions. After three intense years of work, in this last year, the company has consolidated [...]

Lebanon: change is in the air

Sparked by a proposed daily tax of 20 cents for WhatsApp calls, the demonstrations in Lebanon reveal deeper issues plaguing Lebanon. [...]

On coal and water in Poland

Katowice/Brussels  - In the south-eastern part of Poland, in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, there is a coal mine near the [...]