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Refreshing our water resources

Lebanon: change is in the air

Sparked by a proposed daily tax of 20 cents for WhatsApp calls, the demonstrations in Lebanon reveal deeper issues plaguing Lebanon. [...]

On coal and water in Poland

Katowice/Brussels  - In the south-eastern part of Poland, in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, there is a coal mine near the [...]

The EU water law: what’s at stake?

The EU water law -The Water Framework Directive (WFD) - is one of the European Union’s strongest, most ambitious pieces of environmental [...]

Life cycle assessment: Back to the basics

You ever wonder what life cycle actually means and how it is measured and implemented? Here are some straight answers to learn about [...]

Who is responsible for making urban areas resilient?

Increasing urban resilience means addressing the major issues of our time, from climate change to water & food security, while [...]

The rise of European water start-ups: Who are the next champions?

Although it is still early, European water start-ups are already changing the way water and wastewater is managed today, shaping tomorrow’s [...]

Valuable resources are being recuperated from brine!

Based on circular economy business models, ZERO BRINE provides water solutions that recover and reuse minerals, water and metals from [...]

Q&A with Dario Scannapieco

Insights from Dario Scannapieco, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, into the key ingredients for the emergence of a water [...]

Water resilience starts upstream

Over $1 trillion is needed over the next 25 years to fix, replace, and expand drinking-, waste-, and storm-water systems in the United [...]