Refreshing our water resources

The thirst debate: Tap vs bottled water

Bottled water is often regarded as unsustainable. But is tap water always the better option? REVOLVE’s Senior Sustainability Advisor, [...]

Spain turns the plastic tide

By 2050, the ocean could have more plastic than fish. While global movements such as Plastic Free July continue to gain momentum, [...]


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In conversation with Dr. Steven Weiss

Depending on the type and size of the plant, hydropower affects biodiversity in many different ways. The number one impact is habitat [...]

Managing flood risk in Oslo

“Combatting and adapting to climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and it can’t be left to someone else, at another [...]

Global dynamics of urban water security

We’re running out of water and time as cities are becoming increasingly water scarce, requiring a new approach to addressing urban [...]

Into the great big blue

Everything is changing, and water is in the middle of it all. New politics, new faces, policies under review... Here’s a glimpse [...]

The city of the future is a ‘water-sensitive’ city

Water is essential wherever people decide to settle. It is indispensable for maintaining all kind of life, be it flora, fauna or humankind. [...]

From waste to resource

Re-designing the value chain of water and minerals for industry A new economy is emerging; one that is always keeping resources [...]

Twin sisters: water and sustainable development

Agenda 2030 and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the best opportunity to frame water research and innovation efforts; [...]

A journey to the end of the world

This is a collection of photographs from a research expedition to the eastern Antarctic Peninsula in 2018. A group of international [...]