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Rethinking our energy needs

#EUSEW 2020: EU Sustainable Energy Week

Brussels, Belgium

Harnessing Europe's rivers for power — is it worth it?

Humans have been using the forces of moving water for millennia, first with mills along flowing rivers for grinding grains, and now, [...]

Unlocking sustainable fuels and bio-based products

Making products and energy from renewable bio-resources (instead of from fossil fuels) is a key aspect to combat climate change, reduce [...]

Winning hearts and minds for new renewables infrastructure

Electrification is set to play a major part in Europe’s long-term decarbonization plans; although electricity industry association [...]

Turning off the falls

The drive to tame the wild waters of Niagara Falls has had devastating unintended consequences on the environment and society – [...]

Reality check on the Energiewende

During the UN climate negotiations at the 23rd Conference of the Parties (CoP) in Bonn last November 2017, over 15 countries and several [...]

Can local authorities lead the transition to carbon neutrality?

In these turbulent times of climatic, economic and social uncertainty, communities and local authorities can and must lead the way [...]

Buildings as material banks: Towards a low-carbon capital region

The Brussels Region is not a territorial entity that can exploit massive larger sources of renewable energy such as wind or solar [...]