Reporting on the circular economy

Let’s REIMAGINE the global FASHION industry

An interview with Andrea Kennedy, Founder and Sustainability Lead of and Assistant Professor at LIM College in New [...]

How to go Zero Waste

Do the following mental exercise: You are in a supermarket, walking through the aisles and looking at the products that are on [...]

Transformative products from olive stones

Toys that can become bowls, chairs that grow plants, and exhibition stands that shape-shift for each new edition. These are only the [...]

Green Growth Community spurs sustainable cooperation

The Green Growth Community consists of 14 projects promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean on topics ranging from agri-food, [...]

Recovering non-conventional water resources

Creating circular economy business models by reusing water resources for agriculture, tourism and homes, HYDROUSA is showing results [...]

Building from bauxite residues

The world’s main source of aluminum - the mining of bauxite rock - is detrimental to the environment, with the rock residues often [...]


Repurposing Livestock Waste Increasing demand for meat has pushed farmers to farm more intensively in order to speed up and improve [...]

Treating wastewater with ceramic filters

Introducing ceramic filters is more sustainable and more durable in the long-run for treating wastewater. The REMEB technology is [...]

Sustainability: know your limits

“No thanks, I’ve had enough” is what we say when asked if we wanted more to eat or drink. But it’s only enough for the time [...]

Interview with Ariel Booker, co-founder of CanO Water

After helping to bring the idea and concept of CanO Water to life, Ariel decided to leave his job as a headhunter to focus full time [...]

There's much to gain by reducing food losses

Few issues have generated as much public interest in recent years as food loss and waste, widely agreed to be a moral and technical [...]