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Reporting on the circular economy

Sustainability: know your limits

“No thanks, I’ve had enough” is what we say when asked if we wanted more to eat or drink. But it’s only enough for the time [...]

Interview with Ariel Booker, co-founder of CanO Water

After helping to bring the idea and concept of CanO Water to life, Ariel decided to leave his job as a headhunter to focus full time [...]

There are many gains to be had from reducing food losses

Few issues have generated as much public interest in recent years as food loss and waste, widely agreed to be a moral and technical [...]

Bringing sustainability to the oil and gas industry?

The INTEGROIL project seeks to develop and demonstrate an integrated solution for the treatment of water flows generated in the upstream [...]

The POWERSTEP solution

The power of wastewater is underestimated; household wastewater contains a lot of organic matter that can be transformed into valuable [...]

Perfectly good: Austrian start-up gives second life to waste

Consumer waste is a global issue. In Germany alone, nearly €7 billion in consumer goods are discarded every year—over one-third [...]

Sustainable bio-waste management

A company in Lebanon is leading the way in replicating small-scale composting processes in the Middle East, addressing what remains [...]

Recycled sail design

From my experience, all the cloths that are used for making sails and sailing boats – that are considered a fair means of transport [...]

How CIRCUSOL powers a circular economy

The CIRCUSOL project (Circular Business Models for the Solar Power Industry) is a European initiative funded by the Horizon2020 Programme [...]

An introduction to climate finance

Defining climate finance “Climate finance” is an elusive term. At its narrowest, climate finance is understood to refer to [...]

The liter of light initiative

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world can attest to the truth in that statement, made by Illac Diaz, the social entrepreneur [...]