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Reporting on the circular economy

Bringing Sustainability to the Oil and Gas Industry?

11 June 2019

The INTEGROIL project seeks to develop and demonstrate an integrated solution for the treatment of water flows generated in the upstream and downstream [...]

The POWERSTEP Solution

17 April 2019

The power of wastewater is underestimated; household wastewater contains a lot of organic matter that can be transformed into valuable renewable energy. [...]

Perfectly Good: Austrian Start-up Gives Second Life to Waste

17 April 2019

Consumer waste is a global issue. In Germany alone, nearly €7 billion1 in consumer goods are discarded every year—over one-third of which are entirely [...]

Sustainable Bio-Waste Management

17 April 2019

A company in Lebanon is leading the way in replicating small-scale composting processes in the Middle East, addressing what remains a daunting global [...]

Recycled Sail Design

9 April 2019

From my experience, all the cloths that are used for making sails and sailing boats – that are considered a fair means of transport – are made with [...]

How CIRCUSOL Powers a Circular Economy

19 February 2019

The CIRCUSOL project (Circular Business Models for the Solar Power Industry) is a European initiative funded by the Horizon2020 Programme of the European [...]

YEMEN The story of nothing

7 August 2016

Aid agencies and international NGOs warn that almost half of Yemen does not have enough to eat, including about 267.000 children who face severe levels [...]