Photo essays capturing different perspectives on sustainability

Iceland Raw

With a population of just a few hundred thousand people living mostly in the capital of Reykjavik...

Conservation in the Nilgiris Mountains

Traditional livelihoods and environmental stewardship contribute to conservation efforts...

Spain’s Plastic Sea

It’s mid-July 2023, when REVOLVE visits, and many of the greenhouses are empty, lying in wait for the next planting...

Environmental Changemakers of Mumbai: Tales of Local Heroes

Afroz Shah Afroz Shah is cleaning a small stretch of Versova Beach with his team of volunteers. It is week...

Into The Lagoons Of Lakshadweep

Vulnerable acroporid reefs host a diverse array of species that are intricately connected

Otters: Conserving Lesser-Known Wildlife

Wildlife conservation is intricately linked with the health of surrounding ecosystems

Cradle of Waters

The unique coming together of water in tropical Brazil

Brahmaputra’s Journey through Assam 

As the river Brahmaputra flows through Assam, it forms an indispensable relationship with all that it touches and sustains

PRIMARY: Defenders of Wounded Forests

Forests that can best withstand

Vienna’s Urban Wildlife

Surprising snapshots of Vienna’s feathered and furry inhabitants

Timber Towers

Climate-conscious construction takes to new heights

Sustainable Mobility on the Ground in European Cities

Locals get the chance to test out cargo-bikes

Mapping Corals

Take to the sky to see corals like never before

Wild Montana

Brussels-based photographer Wilhelm Westergren leads us to the heart of...

The Energy Transition

For this year’s energy issue REVOLVE reached out to its partners at DecarbEurope for images...

Energy Communities

Energy communities play an important role in the transition towards a 100% renewable and just energy future.

The Small Oxygen Island

The L’îlot d’oxygène exhibition will be held at L'ilot Corse

Mangrove Mystique

Crowns of lush foliage and spindly stilt roots emerge from the mirror of calm water

Bruised Lands

Bruised Lands brings together four unique yet interconnected bodies of work...

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