The Rural Economics of a Spanish Wildfire

Unravelling Ireland’s Peatlands 

Transformative Digitalization in the Food Industry

Saving Water in Dry Climates 

The Rural Economics of a Spanish Wildfire


Supporting Affordable and Social Housing

Energizing Equality 

Supporting Affordable and Social Housing

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Facilitating Regenerative Agriculture in Europe

Incorporating Climate Justice into AI Development

CBAM: Delineating the Hydrogen Horizon

Beyond the Basics

What is Agroecology? 

CBAM: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

What is Ocean Literacy?

The New European Bauhaus

What is Agroecology? 


Natalie Unterstell
President of the Talanoa think tank
Jack Barrie
Research Fellow, Chatham House
Ariel Booker
Co-Founder, CanO Water
Luana Bidasca
Policy Officer at European Commission Directorate...
Will Sarni
CEO, Water Foundry.
Janette Uhlmann
Center for Mediterranean Integration, Marseille (France)
Haitze Siemers
Head of Unit for "New energy...
Gloria Borrego
Responsible for management and administration at...
Stuart Reigeluth
Founder of REVOLVE
Nicole Jao
Freelance Journalist
Caroline Milne
Director of Marketing and Communications, Joule...

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