The Sunshine Revolution

Youth Vote: Shaping the EU’s Climate Future

From Housing Dystopias to Housing Utopias

The Rural Economics of a Spanish Wildfire

The Sunshine Revolution


EUSEW 2024: Charting the Course to Net-Zero

EU Energy Communities Legislation 2.0 

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The Nuclear Renaissance 

Innovative Carbon Solutions

Facilitating Regenerative Agriculture in Europe

The Nuclear Renaissance 

Beyond the Basics

What is Agroecology? 

CBAM: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

What is Ocean Literacy?

The New European Bauhaus

What is Agroecology? 


Markus Puhringer
Author, blogger and freelance journalist.
Paolo Falcioni
Director General of APPLiA
Richard Lee
Freshwater Communications Manager – WWF
Cyrille Cormier
Energy Transition Campaign Strategist, Beyond Fossil...
Max Gruenig
Senior Policy Advisor, E3G
Andrea Mejia Fajardo
Cofounder of Circulatam and @7191_clothing Sustainable...
Neha Ballal
Architect & Content Writer
Priyanka Bhide
Co-founder and Director of Kubernein Initiative
Marine Cornelis
Executive Director at Next Energy Consumer, Digital...
Greg Archer
Director, Clean Vehicles, Transport & Environment
Kerstin Rosenow
Head of Unit ‘Research & Innovation’...
Anders Finnson
Chair of the EurEau Joint Working...

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