Together is better

The Unseen Impact of Patriarchal Mobility

The Sunshine Revolution

Together is better


Show Me the Money 

EUSEW 2024: Charting the Course to Net-Zero

Show Me the Money 

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The Nuclear Renaissance 

Innovative Carbon Solutions

Facilitating Regenerative Agriculture in Europe

The Nuclear Renaissance 

Beyond the Basics

What is Agroecology? 

CBAM: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

What is Ocean Literacy?

The New European Bauhaus

What is Agroecology? 


26 Jun 2024

European Urban Resilience Forum

11 Jul 2024

India Circular Economy Forum (ICEF2024)

1 Sep 2024

The 75th EEAP Annual Meeting

8 Sep 2024

LCA Food 2024


Mirza Zulfiqur Rahman
Visiting Associate Fellow, Institute of Chinese...
Marta Orihuel Ayuso
EuroVelo and Projects Officer at the...
Mohamed Mezghani
UITP Secretary General
Diego García Carvajal
Project Manager - European Copper Institute
Alia Papageorgiou
Vice President of the Association of...
Christian Remy
Project Manager, Berlin Centre of Competence...
Marc Aoun
Co-founder of Compost Baladi
Martina Valls Carafí
Communication Assistant, REVOLVE
Hélène Dekker
Communication Advisor, Brussels Environment
Patrick Crombez
General Manager for Heating and Renewables,...

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