The Sunshine Revolution

Youth Vote: Shaping the EU’s Climate Future

From Housing Dystopias to Housing Utopias

The Rural Economics of a Spanish Wildfire

The Sunshine Revolution

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The Nuclear Renaissance 

Innovative Carbon Solutions

Facilitating Regenerative Agriculture in Europe

The Nuclear Renaissance 

Beyond the Basics

What is Agroecology? 

CBAM: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

What is Ocean Literacy?

The New European Bauhaus

What is Agroecology? 


Juanma Moreno
President of the Region of Andalusia
Tom Bosschaert
Director at Except Integrated Sustainability
Jonathan Ballantine
Freelance journalist and copywriter.
Michel Petillo
Psychologist and Photographer
Claire Patterson
Communication Officer at Commonland
Meriem Saoud
Project Manager, Algerian Media Literacy Camp.
Jabier Ruiz
Senior Policy Officer, Agriculture and Sustainable...
Yan Qin
Lead analyst, London Stock Exchange Group’s...
Sunil Mani
Policy Advisor (Energy Programme) at the...
Roope Virta
Project Coordinator, City of Turku.
Dino de Francesco
Communications Manager at the Regions of...

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