Beyond Melting Ice

5 Myths about India’s Energy Transition

Together is Better


Curbing Energy Demand 

Advancing India’s Circular Mission 

Show Me the Money 

Curbing Energy Demand 

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Affordable Housing in Europe 

India’s Push for Cold Chain Technology 

Championing Legal Rights for the Mar Menor

Affordable Housing in Europe 

Beyond the Basics

What is Agroecology? 

CBAM: What Is It and Why Is It Needed?

What is Ocean Literacy?

The New European Bauhaus

What is Agroecology? 


1 Sep 2024

The 75th EEAP Annual Meeting

8 Sep 2024

LCA Food 2024

11 Sep 2024

HOOP Final Event and Study Tour


Steve Harris
Senior Project Manager, Sustainability Systems Analysis and...
Suzan Naz Uzel
Junior Policy Officer
Marion Brunet
Project Assistant - Housing Europe
Shannon K. McCarthy
Secretary General, International Desalination Association (IDA)
Sachin Kumar
Director at Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
Rita Jacinto
Programme Manager, Lisbon City Council
Frances Seymour
Distinguished Senior Fellow at the World Resources...
Mohamed Mezghani
UITP Secretary General
Vinita Suryanarayanan
Development Professional
Adrian Joyce
Secretary General of Energy Efficient Buildings...

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