Stuart Reigeluth

Founder of REVOLVE

Stuart Reigeluth is Founder of REVOLVE. He holds an MBA (2015) from the Solvay-Ponts business school (Brussels-Paris) and a MA (2005) in Arab and Middle East Studies from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He has contributed to numerous media outlets, including Foreign Policy, El Pais, El Mundo, al-Hayat, European Voice, EURACTIV, Gulf News, The Daily Star, and al-Ahram Weekly.


Walking: a personal journey

Mammals were born to move. The foal and deer stagger around within minutes on long shaky legs. The human squawks and screams, [...]

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On coal and water in Poland

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Investing in water around the MENA

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Redefining West Asia

The positive changes in the Arab world herald a new era for millions of people. At the start of this new era, [...]

The hidden life of trees

“Trees can’t walk.” (p.186) Once seeds land and catch hold, or when saplings are planted and the trees begin their long journey [...]

Towards 3 degrees

Some call climate fluctuations “global weirding” rather than global warming because of mild winters and sudden summer hails. Call it what you want [...]