21 December 2021 | 10 minutes.

The EU Green Deal: A balancing act

Photo: James Lee


Peter Easton
Senior Advisor Water and Sustainability

Peter Easton, Senior Advisor Water and Sustainability

An ambitious and utopian vision that bears potential negative consequences that need to be transparently recognized and mitigated.

Inspired by the New Deal of the mid- 1930s when U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt launched numerous programs to activate the economy after the disastrous Great Depression (1929-1933), the Green Deal espoused by the European Union and propounded by Vice-President Franz Timmermans is an attempt to position Europe at the forefront of sustainability while simultaneously advancing solutions to achieving net zero carbon for Europe. Europe’s response to this double global challenge is formidable and while it is not without its controversies as we put forward here, the Green Deal is intended to serve as an inspirational roadmap for all to learn about how to become more conscientious of our impact on Earth.

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