Issue #42 – Winter 2021

Bruised Lands
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Inside this issue


Nature for water. Marie Tremolet of UNDP explores the nature-based-solutions for increasing global water security.


Circular water. The WATER-MINING project presents some of the innovative technologies being used to provide circular-solutions to the ongoing challenges of wastewater treatment.

Food democracy. Learn more about the innovative technologies being developed in Palestine to help overcome food shortages and empower citizens.

Sustainable cities. Read more about the inner-city forests helping overcome climate challenges from water-scarcity to over-heated cities.

Agroforestry. Part two of the history on the forgotten practice of agroforestry and the importance it holds in ensuring the sustainable future of agriculture in Europe

Circular waste management. From fashion to digital currencies, we cover the stories that reveal potential answers to Latin America’s waste challenges.

The EU Green Deal. We must ensure that efforts to save the planet do not do more damage to the natural world.

The Renovation Wave. How Europe can retrofit our homes to make them more liveable, more efficient and more sustainable.


Water priorities. REVOLVE sits down with WWF to learn more about the future of water management in Europe.

Water stewardship. We spoke to Will Sarni about the role of the public sector in our water security.


Bruised Lands. Stunning images from four unique yet interconnected bodies of work by documentary photographer Alan Gignoux: Oil Sands, Monuments, Appalachia, and Russian Rust Belt.

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