21 June 2019 | 5 minutes.

MEDENER: the Mediterranean association of national agencies for energy management

Roberta Boniotti
Secretary-General, Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management (MEDENER)

Roberta Boniotti, Secretary-General, Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management (MEDENER)

The Mediterranean region is blessed with a wealth of natural resources, including renewable energy sources that are being exploited in sustainable ways for the transition to cleaner economies and more prosperous society on all shores of the sea. MEDENER and their flagship project called meetMED are an example of things to come for a brighter future around the Mediterranean.

MEDENER is the Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management. Created in Tunis in 1997 as an international non-profit organisation, MEDENER brings together 13 national energy agencies from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean. MEDENER aims to include more countries in the future.

Since 1997, MEDENER has facilitated the sharing of experiences, know-how and best practices among its members and international partners. MEDENER has accelerated the transfer of skills, methodologies and technologies related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources; and MEDENER has assisted Mediterranean countries with the design and implementation of energy management projects such as meetMED, a 2-year EU-funded project that started in May 2018.

Thanks to a constant exchange of best practices, MEDENER members mutually reinforce each other when facing critical climatic and energetic challenges. MEDENER relies on the expertise of a network of more than 1,000 experts in different sectors, working in close cooperation with national central administrations, by providing them expertise to design energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) policies and programmes. Internal to MEDENER, national agencies establish synergies among public administrations, private sector, local authorities and financial institutions, that create a stimulating economic environment for the energy transition around the Mediterranean.

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