18 June 2021 | Reading 3 mins.

Local Action, Global Goals

We are seeing an increasing consciousness and public pressure around the importance of clean and healthy living environments - particularly in cities.

Photo: Asia CultureCenter, Unslpash


Arthouros Zervos
President of REN21

In partnership with REN21

Cities might not take up much space geographically, but they account for an incredible three quarters of global energy consumption. If the highest levels of consumption are happening where we live, work and travel, we need to look to our cities for action. Not only at national governments which is where people generally look to.

Change at city level is not only possible, it is necessary. The world is not on track to meet the Paris Agreement goals. While renewables have grown in the power sector, the shares of renewables in heating/cooling and transport remain low (around 10% and 3% respectively). Action is urgently needed – together, these sectors account for over 80% of global final energy demand. Cities are critical to decarbonise these sectors, and they’ve started to take up the challenge.

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