Issue #40 – Summer 2021

The Energy Transition
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Inside this issue


Local action, global goals. Learn more about the importance of local decision-makers in accelerating the energy transition.


Game changers. Why are cities so important in the fight against global emissions? Lea Ranalder from REN21 explains how cities around the world are answering the call on climate action.

Back to school. Nick Ferris dives into why re-educating our workforces is vital to the clean-energy transition.

Community power. Discover the renewable energy communities putting citizens at the heart of the energy transition.

LEAP4SME. Why we need more effective energy efficiency policies for SMEs if we are to meet climate targets.

City forests. Why effective governance of our urban forests can help tip the scales in the face of growing ubranization.

Decarb Europe

Circular appliances. Learn about the work being done by APPLiA to help build a more sustainable EU market.

Empowering women. Addressing the gender-gap in the energy industry.

Sharing the challenge. shows how the smallest actions can help initiate sustainable change on a large scale.


Circularity – an economic fairytale? REVOLVE Circular interviewed Martin Calisto Friant to learn about how we can better understand the circular economy.


Energy cities. Our VIEWS travels to cities across Europe highlighting the work being done to futureproof our urban spaces.