Enlit: The Guide to the Energy Transition

28 October 2021 - // Interviews
Paddy Young
Director, Enlit Europe

The first Enlit conference will take place from 30 November – 2 December. With it fast approaching, REVOLVE spoke to the event director, Paddy Young, to learn more about the importance of the event.

What is Enlit Europe? And what makes this a unique event?

Enlit Europe is the inclusive guide to the energy transition. Our vision is to create a resource platform that will transcend events. Events being the medium we are best known for. Fundamentally, we have become more than an events business. Ironically, the pandemic has accelerated this process and strategic shift. Enlit provides specialist knowledge and relevant connections via various mediums and engaging formats.

Enlit in Milan will be the Europe’s first large scale energy transition event, covering the entire value chain from source and generation through transmission, distribution, and storage to the increasingly empowered and committed consumer. We will of course be highlighting the importance of digitalization and data throughout the various systems.

Enlit will be the Europe’s first large scale energy transition event. Photo: Zbynek Burival, Unsplash

What does the energy transition mean for Enlit, and what are the key challenges facing this transition?

Enlit as a concept was created in very close consultation with the sector with inclusivity in the broadest sense of the word playing a central role. The plea from inside energy industry sector silos was to break down the silo’s, acknowledging that the only way to achieve the European goals is for the systems to work together. Clearly, for this to happen conversations at all levels have to start and continue. Enlit is system agnostic and as a team, without exception, we are passionate about playing a role in helping us reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The challenges I see other than breaking down the silos and to really work together are manifold. Outside the roles of regulation and subsidies I see that innovation across every aspect of the system is crucial. Quite simply the technologies of the present will not deliver the results we need in the not-too-distant future. Also, to ensure the right level of continuity we need to create a balance in the workforce. Experience does count for a great deal however; we must embrace what we can learn from other sectors and ensure that we can attract and keep young talent to this very exciting and essential industry.

The proximity of the Lombardy industrial zone and Italy’s approach to decarbonizing the mobility sector there were several factors that played a role in the decision to choose Milan. Photo: Matteo Raimondi, Unsplash

Enlit will take place in Milan. What is the significance of this for Italy and Europe?

To put this into context this is the first Enlit, a year later than planned but still the first. So, the choice of Milan and Italy was an important one. Italy is home to some of the best and most innovative utilities in the world, Enel, SNAM, Terna, Italgas, and Edison to name but a few. Also, the way the Italian industry associations are structured and the relationship we have with them means we have a very strong “home” base from which to organize a very strong International event.

With an eye on future developments, the proximity of the Lombardy industrial zone and Italy’s approach to decarbonizing the mobility sector there were several factors that played a role in our decision.

Oh, and one other important thing, there is a venue that is big enough for the event.

Just how important are events like Enlit Europe for the ‘Road to Net Zero’?

I think events can play a role in the “Road to Net Zero”, but only if they work with the sector and are doing it for the right reasons. Synergy Events BV has been working with the sector for over 20 years with many of the team having been involved for most of that period. With Enlit and our associated media products we have a substantial reach into the sector, facilitating business, enabling the dissemination of best practice and findings on a scale that really can make a difference. We are convinced that our inclusive, system agnostic, multimedia platform can play an important role when it comes to helping create a roadmap to deliver net zero.

One thing is for sure; we will continue to work even more closely with the sector to improve our products so we can connect, inspire and evolve in the battle against climate change.

Visit www.enlit-europe.com to find out more.

Paddy Young
Director, Enlit Europe

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