Issue #51 – Spring 2024

Soil Health - The Future of Fertilizers
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Inside this issue


The Mission Soil: A Major Initiative to Protect and Restore European Soils by Kerstin Rosenow, Head of Unit ‘Research & Innovation’ in Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission.

AI + Environment Special

Artificial Intelligence – Payal Arora, Professor and Chair of Inclusive AI Cultures at Utrecht University, takes on the (false) dichotomy between data inclusion and environmental concerns. 

Climate and Data Justice – Natalie Unterstell, President of the Talanoa Think Tank discusses how to incorporate climate justice into AI development. 


Soil Health – A much-needed debate on the use of fertilizers and EU’s push for organic farming.

Farmers Deserve Better – Empowering farmers and working together for nature preservation.

Catalonia’s Dire Drought – Solving water issues with circular and innovative ideas.

Sustainable Ocean Management – The need for rewilding, or the return of a thriving marine ecosystem.

Military Emissions – The cost of military activities that go beyond the obvious.

Marginal Lands – How to develop the potential of unproductive or idle lands.


The Albufera A beautiful yet fragile ecosystem in Valencia, Spain