Issue #49 – Fall 2023

Hydrogen Valleys
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Inside this issue


Behavioural Change for Urban Mobility by Herald Ruijters, Deputy Director General of DG-MOVE, European Commission.


Automated Mobility for Road Safety – Belen Carmona talks with Ingrid Skogsmo about how automation has the potential to increase the accessibility of mobiity.


Climate Capitals – CC35’s drive to reconnect Latin America’s capitals with nature is revolutionizing urban sustainability.

Hydrogen Valleys – From Poland to Italy to the Netherlands, H2-powered hubs are making mobility more sustainable.

Neo-Protectionism? – The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism is going to change the rules of trade to be ‘greener’.

Akamas Alert – Discover the ongoing battle to preserve a natural reserve in western Cyprus.

Sea of PlasticTake a drive through Europe’s massive vegetable garden in south-eastern Spain.

Tangible Data – Turning cold numbers into data you can touch.


Iceland Raw – Stop over in the idyllic Nordic island state to discover real nature at its most elementary.