4 March 2021 | 3 minutes.

Journey of Water: Remembering to value rivers, one jog at a time

Richard Lee
Freshwater Communications Manager – WWF

Richard Lee, Freshwater Communications Manager – WWF

This year REVOLVE has partnered with WWF to showcase the journey of water and how it is inextricably linked to our lives. From the dams of Finland to the deltas of the Mekong, join us on our voyage across the globe as we discover the water-challenges we are facing, and the innovations we are making to overcome them.

One of the most extraordinary things about rivers is how little people value them, despite the fact that healthy rivers underpin our societies and economies – and were the very foundation of our earliest civilizations.

Today, rivers still flow through our cities and our cultures. They still provide drinking water for billions, irrigate a quarter of our crops, sustain freshwater fisheries that feed hundreds of millions, supply sediment that keeps deltas above the rising seas, and support astonishing biodiversity.

Our rivers are dying

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