Issue #38 – Winter 2020

Coastal Cities
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By 2100, global temperatures will likely surpass the 2°C limit set by the 2015 Paris Agreement, potentially reaching 3-4°C.

Such an increase would see water levels rise by 5-10 meters and displace around 300 million people – roughly the population of the United States. But the people that will be most affected by coastal flooding are those living in the southern hemisphere.

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Twin Sisters Water and Sustainable Development


#Sweat4Soap Running with Mina Guli for Change

A Different Africa ACEN Interview on Circularity and Social Inclusiveness in Africa


Water Footprints Are Water Footprints Reliable for Food Purchase Choices?

Marine Protected Areas Ocean Protection: Vital to Conservation and Climate Action

Coastal Cities Cities Facing a Flooded Future

Circularity in Africa A Spotlight on Circularity in Africa


India’s Water- India’s Urban Water Security Challenge


Coastal Cities– Images of the Frontline Against Rising Sea Levels