29 August 2019 | 6 minutes.

Is a global grid possible?

Zhanghua Zheng
Head of International Cooperation, Manager, GEIDCO Europe Office

Zhanghua Zheng, Head of International Cooperation, Manager, GEIDCO Europe Office

The Vision of an Interconnected World

The energy transition demands a radical change in infrastructure as we know it. The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) is the key organization building such change promoting the concept of a global energy interconnection system (GEI) to meet the world’s energy needs in a sustainable way. This is their vision of an interconnected world.

The World in 2050 with GEI: clean energy = 72% of primary energy consumption – electricity = 44% of final energy consumption – fossil energy = 30% of final energy consumption

Why is GEI pivotal to combating climate change and implementing the Paris Agreement?

GEI is a globally interconnected smart grid with Ultra High Voltage (UHV) grids as its backbone. It is an infrastructure platform on which clean energy can be developed, transmitted, and consumed worldwide. The core idea of GEI development is to promote the world’s energy transition from high-carbon to low-carbon, low efficiency to high efficiency, and local power balance to optimal allocation over long distances and large areas. The construction of GEI can promote energy and economic development in developing regions and is a fundamental way to ensure energy access to the 1.2 billion people without electricity.

Under the current climate governance framework, implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement requires the pooling of global wisdom, strength and carrying out of a systematic, comprehensive solution that is implementable, scalable, and replicable. GEI is designed to realize the global optimal allocation of clean energy through power grid interconnection and turn the differences in resources, time zones, seasons, and electricity prices into a sustained power source that drives clean development. GEI will greatly improve the scale and speed of global, clean energy development, its utilization and reduction of clean energy costs.

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