Danielle Kutka

Project Manager


A professional in communication and project management, Danielle is committed to creating engaging content on sustainability. She has served on editorial boards for various publications, including REVOLVE magazine.

She is responsible for spearheading strategic communications and public relations for Horizon 2020 projects PATHWAYS (2021-2026), BBTWINS (2021-2025) LEAP4SME (2020-2023), ZERO BRINE (2017-2021), and INHERIT (2016-2019).

She has also been a part of advocacy efforts for renewables at EU-level and catalyzing investment in emerging renewable energy markets through B2B matchmakings.

She is passionate about sustainability, the circular economy, and cultivating conscious and environmentally-sound societies.

I’m sustainable

Green thumb or not, you’ll find me regularly tinkering about the green house, knowing more or less what food is growing. It’s a tad chaotic, but provides a bit of self-sufficiency for staple foods and is a work in progress. I only use rainwater and the waste from our goats, or ‘eco’ lawn mowers, provides a glorious compost. Circular economy at its best.

I am proud to be carless, getting around the countryside with my electric bakfiets which I call my spaceship. Move over, Bezos.

The future I want

Death to the company car. Cars have their place, I’m convinced, but seeing traffic at a standstill with one person behind the wheel of every automobile defies logic. I hope for a future of greater communal mixed mobility options, especially for those on the peripheries of cities. Or better yet, an electric bakfiets for all.


Project management Strategic communications Public relations Editorial planning Content curation Copywriting and editing EU proposal writing

Area of interests

Clean, affordable and secure energy Industry for a clean and circular economy Energy and resource efficient buildings Farm to Fork Biodiversity and ecosystems Zero pollution, toxic-free environments



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