13 June 2016 | Reading 4 mins.

A new deal for Europe’s energy transition


Dominique Ristori
Director-general of the Directorate-General for Energy within the European Commission.

Dominique Ristori, Director-general of the Directorate-General for Energy within the European Commission.

Energy is affecting all of our economies and 100% of our populations day and night. It plays a key role for our security, our competitiveness, but also our environment and comfort of life.

In the light of the on-going Russia-Ukraine tensions, European energy security cannot be taken for granted and at the same time, with the liberalisation of the energy market, ambitious climate and energy targets, and new technologies we are moving towards a more decentralised, sustainable, and smarter power system.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, our main goal is clear: We need to provide Europe’s citizens and businesses with the secure, sustainable, and affordable energy they need.

Adaptations, notably of the internal market, are necessary but a fundamental change in the role consumer play in the market is also indispensable, supported by the regulatory framework but also facilitated by new technologies. These are also the main tasks of the Energy Union.

Last year in February, the Commission adopted its Energy Union Framework Strategy built around five dimensions: Energy security, solidarity and trust; the internal energy market; energy efficiency as a contribution to the moderation of energy demand; decarbonisation of the economy; and research, innovation and competitiveness.

But in 2015, we have not only defined a long term vision, we have also started implementing it: In July, the Commission came forward with the first deliverables, in particular a legislative proposal for ETS reform, a proposal for a framework legislation on Energy Labelling, as well as a consultative Communication on energy market design and a Communication on a “new deal” for energy consumers.

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