23 March 2022 | 7 minutes.

The future of forests relies on a new generation of reforestation entrepreneurs

Woman working the land, Morogoro, Tanzania, 2021

Photo: © Reforest’Action, Delphine Dekeister


Hélène Bourelle
Editorial Communication Manager at Reforest’Action

Hélène Bourelle, Editorial Communication Manager at Reforest’Action

Protecting, restoring and creating new forest ecosystems is a top priority for many governments and environmental stakeholders globally. With the significant number of restoration and preservation projects emerging, attention must be given to the central role of local communities that are giving rise to a new generation of local reforestation entrepreneurs.

A global recognition of the need to preserve forests

Today, tree planting and restoration projects are rife. And for a good reason: forests are essential for life on Earth. Forests provide habitat for a vast array of plants and animals, supply oxygen, store carbon, protect water resources, stabilize soil erosion, and provide valuable materials such as wood, timber, vegetables, and fruits. In the context of climate change, they act as vital carbon sinks that contribute to regulating climate. Forests are also home to three quarters of all life on earth: 300 million people live in forests and 1.6 billion depend on the resources they provide for their livelihoods.

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