Advertising Banners Recycled

14 April 2016 - // Opinions

Kees es-Souk

Your must have daily bag for carrying anything from groceries to beach-wear with an external pocket that fits an iPad. Durable and water repellent body from reused banners and heavy duty straps from seat belts.

Bike Bag

It always goes your way whatever the weatherman says. With a capacity of 7.5 liters it fits comfortably on the front or back of your bicycle and was additionally designed to be carried as a shoulder bag. Handmade from water repellent banner material with uniquely selected visuals.

Business Bag

Carries your daily essentials and computer. Converts into a backpack which also makes it a great travel companion. Outer shell from water repellent advertising banners and inner tubing.

Ipad Sleeves

Not just a sleeve, this one is smart enough to turn off the iPad as it slides in while a seat belt strap comfortably pulls it out turning it back on again. Water repellent body from reused banners.

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