Media and the Circular Economy: challenges, (mis)perceptions and opportunities


Online event on 13 October, 4 – 5 pm CET

REVOLVE Circular collaborated with Thomson Media in this joined event to help media professionals understand better what the circular economy is (and isn’t) and what compelling storytelling on the circular economy can look like.

With a wide range of visions, besides its interdisciplinary nature, circular economy can be a complex phenomenon to absorb. It is no wonder that for journalists across a variety of contexts reporting circular economy stories can be a challenge. We took a look at common mistakes by the media and where it has been sleeping on using the circular economy narrative as a way to tell the bigger story.

What did we discuss?

We provided insights on ongoing media monitoring of circular economy reporting in various languages. Alongside the investigative journalist, Benedict Wermter, we explored closely the relevance of a critical vision when reporting circular economy, as well as the challenges that journalist can encounter.

We also had a feedback segment from the audience as well as a brief Q&A towards the end of the session.

The whole session can be accessed below:

Which resources already exist?

On 14 April 2021 REVOLVE Circular organized a first online press briefing to inform and sensitize journalists on the circular economy. Four panelists from academia, civil society and construction highlighted the opportunities and challenges of circularity, and why more efforts are needed to educate citizens, business leaders, policy-makers and the media on the emerging paradigm. Check out their presentations and more here.

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