Issue #52 – Summer 2024

Sustainable Spaces
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Inside this issue


People at the Forefront of the New European Bauhaus by Mikel Landabaso, Director for Growth and Innovation at the Joint Research Centre, European Commission.


From Housing Dystopias to Housing Utopias – Areti Vlachodimou, Junior Communication Officer, REVOLVE, discusses innovative initiatives promoting affordable housing in Europe.  

Together is BetterJadwiga Najder, Science and Outreach Manager at European Nuclear Society, on positive uses of nuclear technology and what to do with nuclear waste.

The Five Myths of India’s Renewable Energy JourneyAlexander Hogeveen Rutter, Manager, Research and Diligence and Electricity Sector Lead, Third Derivative, on India’s needs to prioritize affordable and reliable power for all.

Nuclear Desalination to Combat Water ScarcityInnovative solutions in the quest for clean drinking water. 

The Rural Economics of a Spanish WildfireCommunities in Spain spy economic opportunities in wildfire prevention. 

The Unseen Impact of Patriarchal MobilityHow many women have you mobilized through your work? 

Transformative Digitalization in the Food IndustryHarnessing the power of digital twins, AI, and blockchain to revolutionize the food supply chain. 


Gare Maritime – An award-winning project reimagines sustainable spaces for business and leisure.