Issue #34 – Winter 2019

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This Winter issue of REVOLVE magazine celebrates 10 years of fostering cultures of sustainability. REVOLVE started with the Winter 2009/2010 Issue #1 of the magazine and has become a full-blown communication group, working on projects with clients and part- ners across a variety of sectors, with offices in Barcelona, Brussels and Vienna. REVOLVE has published 34 issues of the magazine, thematically addressing water, nature, energy, transport and the circular economy.

Inside this issue



Water Sensitive Cities  The City of the Future is a ‘Water-Sensitive’ City

Friendly Fertiliser? Turning Livestock Waste into Fertiliser

NOW! The Global Movement Pushing for Humanity to Work as One


From Waste to Resource Re-Designing the Value Chain of Water and Minerals for Industry

Into the Great Big Blue A Glimpse at the EU Directives of the Water Sector

Norwegian Water Managing Flood Risks in Oslo

Almar Deploying Water Solutions Globally


Twin Sisters Water and Sustainable Development


Journey to the Southern Ocean A Photo Essay of the Arctic Peninsula