18 February 2021 | Reading 4 mins.

Journey of Water: Water does not come from a tap

Participants partaking in the #JourneyofWater in Zambia

Photo: WWF Zambia


Richard Lee
Freshwater Communications Manager – WWF

Richard Lee, Freshwater Communications Manager – WWF

This year REVOLVE has partnered with WWF to showcase the journey of water and how it is inextricably linked to our lives. From the dams of Finland to the Mekong delta, join us on our voyage across the globe as we discover the water-challenges we are facing, and the innovations we are making to overcome them.

When it comes to SDG6 of the UN development goals, the world is way off track: over 2 billion people still lack access to safe water. Meanwhile, many of our rivers – the direct source of much of our drinking water – are dying as they are drained, dammed, dredged, and polluted. But few people connect the two. The WASH sector sticks to taps and toilets, while the freshwater conservation community focuses on riverine health – as if the two worlds are somehow unconnected with each other.

WWF’s flagship Journey of Water campaign was launched to bridge this gaping communications gap – to remind people that water does not come from a tap and that you cannot have water for all without healthy rivers.

A self-fulfilling prophecy

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