Global Food Forum 2024

13 - 14 February 2024 Brussels, Belgium All Events

Over the past four years, several crises have significantly impacted our world, prompting a reassessment of the European Union’s sovereignty in the face of current challenges. 

As we approach the European elections, it becomes crucial to outline a strategic vision for Europe that will shape our direction from 2025 onward, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of Europeans. 

This strategic vision must focus on enhancing our capacity to provide sustainable solutions for the food, bio-economy, and energy needs of the Europeans. Simultaneously, we must acknowledge our responsibility to address global food requirements.

Leveraging European expertise, we should integrate production and economic efficiency, secure our food supply and well-being, safeguard the environment and fight climate change. 

These pivotal challenges will be the central themes of the 7th edition of the Global Food Forum, titled “2024 : Time for an ambitious European farm deal !”.

Farm Europe aims to gather European political leaders, key figures from European institutions, national ministers, business leaders, and members of civil society during this event.