Exploring the Future of Renewable Energy Storage in the Seas

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16 Mar 2023



Renewable energy is the future. Wind and solar energy production depends strongly on weather conditions, so sustainable energy storage is required. Pumped hydro storage is worldwide most used to provide large-scale energy storage. The lack of substantial natural head and of efficient low-head turbine technology has kept this energy storage option out of the picture in low-lying areas – until now.

Optimized turbines for low head (10-20m) with Power Take Off and Grid Integrators developed by ALPHEUS are a game changer. Pumped hydro storage for low-lying areas is now available for implementation. With a panel of international experts, the potential for a large 2 GW dam in the North Sea will be presented

This event will take place on 16 March at 2 pm CET.


  • Stuart Reigeluth
    Director of REVOLVE

Introduced by

  • Dr. Nils Goseberg
    Professor “Coastal and Ocean Engineering”
    at Technische Universität Braunschweig


  • Mrs. Bettina Geiseler
    Geiseler Law
  • Dr. Peter Hoffmann
    Director of TenneT
  • Mrs. Ann Overmeire
    Director Blauwe Cluster
  • Dr. Jeremy Bricker
    Scientific Coordinator ALPHEUS, TU Delft


16 Mar