European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy 2024 Summer Study

10 - 15 June 2024 France All Events

The eceee 2024 Summer Study on energy efficiency will take place 10–15 June at the new venue Center Parcs Lac d’Ailette, an hour from Paris in the direction of Reims and the Champagne-Ardennes region.

Nine panels for the 2024 edition

They offer a number of cross-sectoral panels on understanding consumption and behaviour, policy and monitoring & evaluation as well as a number of panels with a more sector-based focus. There will be panels on cities and local communities, transportation and mobility, buildings, products and industrial decarbonisation.

Panel 1. Dynamics of consumption
Panel 2. Future and innovative policies
Panel 3. Policy, finance and governance 
Panel 4. Monitoring and evaluation in times of crises
Panel 5. Sustainable communities
Panel 6. Energy-efficient and low-carbon mobility and transport
Panel 7. Policies and programmes for better buildings
Panel 8. Products, systems and technologies to decarbonise buildings
Panel 9. Energy efficiency and sustainability of industry