Tarun Sharma

Co-founder and Director of Nagrika

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Tarun Sharma has been responsible for strategic business development activities as well as research, knowledge management, review and drafting of policies relating to urban local development. He led the urban division at Ecorys and has previously worked with Deloitte, Nielsen-Indicus, and McKinsey. He has managed and implemented various government and donor-funded projects on issues related to urban renewal, housing, livelihoods, mobility and land titling. He has also worked with the Ministry of Urban Development and the Ministry of Housing on their flagship projects. He is passionate about urban institutions and cultures. He holds a Masters in Public Policy from National University of Singapore, Masters in Place Management and Leadership from Manchester Metropolitan University and Bachelor in Economics from Delhi University. Tarun is an Associate Member at the Institute of Place Management and also a 2019 Young Societal Leader at the Singapore Summit. 

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