Hassan Aboelnga

Researcher, Urban Water Security

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Hassan Aboelnga is originally from Egypt, and based in Cologne, Germany. Aboelnga is renowned young water professional in issues of water security, climate change and sustainable development.

Aboelnga is a civil engineer by profession and is currently a PhD researcher at University of Kassel and TH Köln, University of Applied Sciences with a particular interest in urban water security and integrated water resources management. He studied engineering and water resources management in Kassel, Cologne, Jordan, Cairo, and Mansoura.

Eng. Aboelnga is a certified project management professional (PMP) ®, water security task force member management committee member of intermittent water supply and water safety plans specialists groups at International Water Association IWA and advisory board member at Middle East Water Forum MEWF. He is the former board member of World Youth Parliament for Water and he has been an active member of many international networks in issues of water, climate and sustainable development.

Aboelnga holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Mansoura University, and postgraduate studies from Cairo University, Egypt. He has two masters in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) from two universities, Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln) in Germany and University of Jordan. He has gained valuable international experiences in IWRM approach that offers interdisciplinary solutions to the water crisis in linking water to other vital resources and viewing the whole water cycle together with human interventions as the basis for sustainable water management.

Aboelnga has published /coauthored many articles, reports, blog articles, books including Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus for policy makers and 3rd State of Water Report in the Arab region.

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