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Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch

Marketing and Communication Manager at Hinicio and REVOLVE

I’m a sustainable innovation and marketing professional with 5+ years of experience in marketing and communication with expertise in sustainable energy, circular economy and water. Passionate about driving green innovation forward by communicating, uniting, and realizing sustainability worldwide by developing and implementing strategies. At Revolve, I’m working on H2020 projects ZERO BRINE and Advance Fuel. I hold a master’s degree in Marketing and Sustainability from ISCTE Business School Lisboa and University of Sydney and love exploring the world having worked and lived in 6 countries. My vision is to fly around the globe in a hydrogen plane.


The Hydrogen Revolution is Underway

17 April 2019

To realize the global climate and Sustainable Development Goals, decarbonizing the transport sector is key: hydrogen offers promising opportunities for driving forward [...]

Climate Change: Catastrophe or Opportunity?

9 April 2019

We have all heard of climate change, but we are not really aware of the repercussions. What does it truly mean and [...]