Peter Easton

Senior Advisor Water and Sustainability

Peter Easton is a water stewardship and sustainability expert, with over 25 years international experience in water supply, food and beverages, agriculture, wetlands and mining. Themes, include supply development, impact studies, corporate water stewardship and sustainability reporting. He has operational experience as a Coca-Cola Water Resources Manager, and has authored ‘plain language’ articles, guidance documents and book contributions on a range of water and environment-related subjects.


Protecting the Mediterranean and its biodiversity

What is MedPAN? MedPAN is a network of managers of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean, first created in 1990, and [...]

Providing drinking water for Gaza

There are three principal causes of water scarcity. 1) physical scarcity: when there is insufficient natural replenishment; 2) economic scarcity: when there are insufficient funds [...]

The Rhone and the power of its waters

Managing and protecting a great European river. The Rhone, like all great rivers, brings risks and benefits, impacting the communities who live [...]

Cleaning up Lake Bizerte

After decades of urban and industrial pollution, Lake Bizerte will have fresher waters again, with additional benefits. Bizerte is the northern most [...]

Promoting water cooperation in the WANA region

Water is clearly recognised as a scarce resource in many parts of the WANA (West Asia and North Africa) region, and becoming [...]

Understanding the UfM water agenda

At the end of April 2017, ministers in charge of water from the 43 UfM member countries came together in Valetta, Malta, [...]

Istanbul: City of water

Sustainability challenge for megacities Istanbul is a clear example of the sustainability challenges facing humanity with more than 50% of the world’s [...]

Governance of Europe’s waters

The European Water Framework Directive is a successful – although imperfect – model for international management and the protection of water supplies [...]

The magic of mushrooms

Fungi are part of the natural cycle of life, often associated with decay. However, amongst the many varieties, includingmushrooms and toadstools, they [...]

Malta confronting water challenges

Malta represents the water supply challenge confronting many countries in the Mediterranean region. Although its population has an abundant, affordable and reliable [...]

Mare Nostrum

The history and culture of the Mediterranean region are intimately linked to water. To ensure a sustainable future and provide for its [...]