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Alia Papageorgiou

Communication specialist at REVOLVE

I have been around print media a long time and know it to be fundamentally important, and also impactful when the design is as good as REVOLVE’s!
Journalist, communicator, early adopter who is now addicted to social media and with a few years in digital diplomacy I have a passion in communities – whether they are digital, local or global –
and sustainability so REVOLVE and I meet just at the most fundamental of crossroads.

Coming from a background in EU Law and cybersecurity strategy and diplomacy studies as well as covering climate, human rights, migration and the EU for a long time I am looking to use all the skills
amassed so far to only increase the impact we can have on a sustainable future.

Optimist who knows both Australia and Europe well. Passionate about journalism, democracy, local impacts on the big scale and my cat Henry! He’s a ginger Aussie in Brussels.

Thanks for hanging out on REVOLVE, drop us a line anytime!  By any means.


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