Replanning our transport priorities


Tomorrow’s Mobility Solutions Are Here

9 Feb 2019 Jean-Luc de Wilde

On the eve of the climate summit in Paris, mobility worries decision-makers because – contrary to other sectors – pollution emanating from modes of transport continues to climb around the world, representing today more than a quarter of total emissions. Automobile congestion and noxious pollutants are pervasive. And yet, solutions are now coming to market […]


Sustainable Mobility

29 Aug 2018 Violeta Bulc

  We are on the brink of a clean industrial revolution and all sectors will be impacted. Transport is no different, and while there will be some disruption in the short-term, in the medium- and longer-term, the changes will bring about massive benefits. Digitalisation, decarbonisation, investment and the needs of people will be core elements […]


The distance remaining to low-carbon transport

13 Dec 2017 Elah Matt

Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and a range of hazardous hydrocarbons and other pollutants contribute significantly to the global air pollution crisis, which kills millions of people prematurely each year. The transport sector emits nearly a quarter of all energy-related greenhouse gases (GHG) with significant impacts on the global climate. With the Paris Agreement […]


E-Scooter Sharing: A New Dimension of Individual Mobility

29 Nov 2017 Eric Keogh

Individual electric mobility – “green” and convenient On average, a typical trip is around 4 km long and takes 15 minutes, most of end-customers use the e-scooter sharing system to cover the last mile from public transport to their destination. Electric vehicles (EV) bring enormous advantages to urban dwellers: they run at very low noise levels and are environmentally-friendly, […]


Electric vehicles enabling renewable energy

22 Nov 2017 Elisa Asmelash and Remi Cerdan

Electric vehicles – small numbers but fast growth The transport sector is a key driver of economic development and welfare and, alongside the power sector, is the main global greenhouse gases (GHG) emitter, according to EUROSTAT. Contrary to the power sector, transport still relies heavily on fossil-derived fuels, mainly petroleum-based fuels. In the European Union […]


Suzanne Hoadley and Callum Jones

25 Oct 2017 Suzanne Hoadley and Callum Jones

According to the Analysis of Walking Potential by Transport for London (2017), one million daily motorised journeys could be walked in London in less than ten minutes. Congestion is a burden to European cities, on the economy, on people’s health and on the environment. One way of reducing congestion is – surprisingly for some? – introducing […]


Special Guest Editorial: Violeta Bulc about Sustainable Mobility

18 Oct 2017 Violeta Bulc

Europe is on the move and transport is changing. Indeed  mobility solutions must evolve in order to better serve the public and the business community, and also to reduce its impact on the environment. Today, transport still relies on oil for 94% of its energy needs. If we do nothing, it will be the single […]


Clean Mobility Pioneers

21 Sep 2017

Decarbonizing transport is key to realizing the COP 21 climate goals. Pioneers around the world are developing innovative sustainable mobility solutions. They show that it is possible to move clean and safely in the air, on water and on land.


Mobility goes digital, connected and electric

9 Feb 2017 Mohamed Mezghani

For several months now, not a week has gone by without news on autonomous vehicles or innovations in ride-selling or ride-sharing apps and other so-called ‘new mobility’ services. Digitalization has come to the transport sector and is paving the way for services that are breaking new ground – a development that would have been unimaginable […]


Iceland: The Road to Recovery

19 Dec 2012 Revolve

Laxness and Independence “The tyranny of mankind; it was like the obstinate drip of water falling on a stone and hollowing it little by little; and this drip continued, falling obstinately, falling without pause on the souls of the children.” So go the words of one of Iceland’s finest literary figures, the Nobel laureate, Halldór Laxness. Published in two volumes in […]

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