Replanning our transport priorities

Smart and green public services in Euro-Mediterranean cities

By 2050, 68% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas. Designing more sustainable cities will therefore be crucial [...]

We need an ambitious EU hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe

In this interview, Birgit Honé (DE/PES), Minister for Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development of Lower Saxony, answers [...]

Quo vadis Europa post-corona?

Are we really going to return to business as usual as soon as possible to resume the hyper-globalized frenzy of chasing the margins [...]

Maritime sector looks at reducing emissions

Emissions reduction and environmental sustainability is on everyone’s lips these days in shipping. International Maritime Organization [...]

Micro-mobility: challenges and opportunities for cities & regions

The rise of shared dockless (e-)bikes and electric scooters alongside ride-sourcing and other demand-responsive mobility services [...]

5 insights with POLIS into sustainable mobility

Transport is responsible for about 1/5 of the global CO2 emissions and nearly 1/3 of transport-related CO emissions originate from [...]

Mobility as a service: moving towards multimodality

Multimodality sits at the heart of the vision set out by European policy-makers for safe, connected, clean and inclusive mobility. [...]

Walking: a personal journey

Mammals were born to move. The foal and deer stagger around within minutes on long shaky legs. The human squawks and screams, jolting [...]

This is not business as usual

How are maritime affairs and energy intertwined? The seas and oceans are essential for our future on planet Earth.

Full speed ahead for hydrogen

Harnessing a versatile solution to accelerate the global energy transition We might be at the biggest turning point in human history [...]

Renewable fuels – Advancing European Market Uptake

Discovering the world, working with people across the globe, commuting to work every day or consuming exotic fruits imported to Europe [...]