29 October 2019 | Reading 6 mins.

Towards sustainable advanced biofuels

Ric Hoefnagels
jr assistant professor at Utrecht University

Ric Hoefnagels, jr assistant professor at Utrecht University

Take a tour of the biofuels industry and learn what’s at stake for market roll-out an sustainability criteria in the transport sectors around Europe.

What is essential for the market roll-out of advanced fuels in terms of biomass feedstock for the related but different markets of aviation, maritime and road transport?

The most prominent barrier to the market roll-out of advanced biofuels is its high production cost compared to fossil fuels and also conventional biofuels. Technical innovations and economies of scale can still substantially reduce the production cost of advanced biofuels, but feedstock cost remain prominent and often contribute to well over half of total fuel production costs. Furthermore, erratic feedstock supply, in terms of volume and quality, reduces capacity utilization and increases the operational and financial risks of the production plant. Reliable, consistent and cost-effective feedstock supply chains that are resistant to inclement weather, regional price volatilities and risks of impurities are therefore essential for developing advanced biofuels at commercial scale.

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