Online Event

Reducing pollution from industrial wastewater


26 May 2021 – 10am CET

As part of EU Green Week, we are hosting a press briefing focusing on how we can reduce pollution from industrial wastewater.

ZERO BRINE is active in four industrial sectors: textiles (Turkey); coal (Poland); desalination; (The Netherlands);and silica production (Spain). These pilot projects are developing innovative solutions to the impacts of harmful industrial wastewater, while also creating new economic opportunities. This is helping bring about a more circular economy for Europe, while also reducing the environmental impact of process industries and helping us get closer to zero pollution.

The event will include talks from: –

  • Pavel Misiga (Head of Unit, DG RTD)
  • Dimitris Xevgenos (Innovation Manager, ZERO BRINE)
  • Dr. Selda Murat Hocaoglu (Research, TÜBİTAK)
  • Panagiotis Balabanis (Head of Water Sector, DG RTD)

It will also include a Q&A with members of the media Philippa Nuttall Jones (Editor-in-Chief, Energy Monitor) and Ahmet Koçak (Editor, DAILY SABAH)

We will also take attendees on a digital journey of our pilot plant in Turkey, where we are using a combination of new and existing technology to reduce the impact of wastewater in the textile industry.

The speakers participating are:

  • Pavel Misiga

    Head of Unit, DG RTD on the Circular Economy and Europe’s Global Competitiveness (tbc)
  • Dr. Dimitris Xevgenos

    Innovation Manager, ZERO BRINE, on the circular economy in industrial wastewater and replication (WATER-MINING)
  • Dr. Selda Murat Hocaoglu

    Spotlight on the textile industry with a virtual tour of the Turkish pilot project
  • Panagiotis Balabanis

    Head of Water Sector, DG RTD (tbc)
  • Philippa Jones

    Editor-in-Chief, Energy Monitor, New Statesman
  • Ahmet Koçak

    Editor, Daily Sabah
  • Violeta Kuzmickaite

    Project Adviser, European Research Executive agency (REA) unit B3 – “Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Environment”
  • Roelof Moll

    ZERO BRINE Coordinator, on concept and importance of reducing brine in multiple industries around Europe