From Coffee Grounds to Biofuels

15 November 2015 - // Opinions

Innovative start-ups from around the world are recycling and reusing waste to make new products. By incorporating sustainability into their brands, they can provide eco-friendly products that consumers can buy with a clear conscience.


Each year in the UK, 1.8 million tons of CO2 emissions are generated by 500,000 tons of coffee waste with disposal costing as much as £50 million. Currently, most waste coffee grounds are sent to landfill, incinerated or sent to anaerobic digestion.

Source: Bio-Bean

Bio-bean’s process offers commercial and environmental advantages at every stage. Integrating with existing supply chains and recycling waste into resources, bio-bean transforms the challenges of urbanization into huge opportunities.

This concept is an award-winning green energy company that industrializes recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create carbon-neutral biofuels.

Source: Bio-Bean

Bio-bean was created to solve the challenge of coffee waste disposal, now our solution is part of a wider social trend. Where others see waste, bio-bean sees resources, demonstrating that urban structures are open to sustainable redesign.

For more information, please visit BIO-BEAN

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