15 January 2020 | 10 minutes.

Mobility as a service: moving towards multimodality

Richard Adams
Communication Officer, ICLEI Europel.

Richard Adams, Communication Officer, ICLEI Europel.

Multimodality sits at the heart of the vision set out by European policy-makers for safe, connected, clean and inclusive mobility. But, how can people be convinced to leave their cars at home and switch between different modes as needs dictate? The answer lies in convenience, viable alternatives to car travel, and creating mobility systems where the user is in control. That is where Mobility as a Service (MaaS) comes in.

Multimodality is set to play a crucial role in the future of many European cities. By encouraging users to combine different travel modes and reducing reliance on cars, it can relieve congestion, reduce noise and air pollution, and generally improve quality of life.

However, when using the various forms of transport that they need in their daily lives, people can struggle with the multiple payment and ticketing processes and apps involved. Indeed, taking and switching between various transport modes and finding relevant information can be overwhelming when confronted with multiple options and sources.

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