17 April 2019 | 10 minutes.

Missing the ‘F’ in sustainable mobility!

Heather Allen
Independent Consultant on Gender and Urban Transport

Heather Allen, Independent Consultant on Gender and Urban Transport

We all agree that we need to shift transport away from fossil fuels to low-carbon, sustainable mobility, but as laudable as this may sound and be, the trends for more and better transport are not delivering increased prosperity for all…

One of the major challenges that policy-makers face today is reconciling the need for growth with environmental protection and social development. Transport is both an enabler and a barrier to this as each transport sub-sector or thematic area has different, and frequently conflicting priorities, especially within and between public and private institutions and departments. Transport is particularly complex with the many dependencies between mobility and access, the need for goods and people to travel and other key development areas such as education, health, economic growth and societal stability. In the past, high-quality transport system was seen as a prerequisite for development and a higher quality of life. However, now there are many signposts indicating not only that we need shift our transport away from fossil fuels to low carbon, sustainable mobility concepts, but how we should be doing this.

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