Issue #35 – Spring 2020

Ant Forest
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This year REVOLVE celebrates 10 years of fostering cultures of sus- tainability. In 2010, we were novices experimenting with a bi-chrome green-blue logo that has been replaced by our monochrome black logo and its revolving circle icon. The green here is the lead color for the themes of nature, environment, forests, and climate that pervade the spring issue of REVOLVE.

Inside This Issue



The Hidden Art of Agroforestry Seeing Trees Differently with Agroforestry

Biodiversity in Action Agroforestry and Biodiversity


Alipay’s App Planting 122 Million Trees Ant Forest Plants Trees for Sustainable Behaviour

Voyage to North Sumatra The Disappearing of Indonesia’s Rainforests

Farming in the Big Apple Urban Agriculture in the Bronx

What’s a City Lab? Urban Permaculture in Barcelona

Olive Stones Organic, Biodegradable, and Reusable Transformative Products

Afforestation Diverse Forests are Essential for Our Future

Ingredients for Success Forests as Hotspots of Biodiversity


The Bioeconomy Bringing Life to the Center of Our Economy


Backing Biodiversity Living in Harmony with Nature