18 April 2019 | 7 minutes.

Imagine the TransArabian Xpress

Hadil J.S. Ayoub
Communication assistant at REVOLVE
Stuart Reigeluth
Founder of REVOLVE

Hadil J.S. Ayoub, Communication assistant at REVOLVE

Stuart Reigeluth, Founder of REVOLVE

Imagine connecting Morocco to Oman with a high-speed train going across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula transporting people and goods for tourism, business and commerce.

Imagine a high-speed train that connects countries, cities and citizens across North Africa into the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf. Imagine a high-speed train that would transcend the wall between Morocco and Algeria, the refugee debacle between Tunisia and Libya, the political quagmire in Israel/Palestine, the wars in Syria and Iraq… Imagine a high-speed train powered by hydrogen and renewable energies that travel at 300-400 kilometers per hour from Casablanca to Algiers to Tunis to Tripoli to Alexandria-Cairo-Suez-Aqaba-Amman-Baghdad-Basra-Kuwait-Riyadh-Abu Dhabi-Dubai-Muscat… Imagine a high-speed train that makes stops at other cities, transporting goods and people, creating commerce and movement. Imagine that each station is an intermodal hub with options for public transport, bicycles, and car-sharing – all digitalized on your mobile. Imagine that each station is a historical building renovated in the local traditional architectural style: a blend of the Arabesque and the future mixed together by integrating nature with the digital world of tomorrow.

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