12 November 2019 | 1 minute.

From waste to resource

Redesigning the value and supply chain of water and minerals in process industries


The 5th EIP Water Conference aims to foster innovation in the water sector and overcome the main existing barriers.

Process industries are a major source of brine – complex saline-impaired effluents that are a serious threat to the environment and costly for companies to manage. Yet brine consists of many resources such as minerals, salts, and metals and water. During this workshop, the EU innovation project ZERO BRINE, coordinated by TU Delft, demonstrates the circular economy solution for the brine generated by industries recovering high quality water, salts, minerals, metals, and heat for reuse in industrial applications. Learn about the latest results of the ZERO BRINE pilot plants in the water, textile, coal and chemical industry across Europe and how this innovative technology is applicable and scalable to a broad range of industries. Discover the economic opportunities by closing the loop and lessening the environmental impacts of production.

Join us for the ZERO BRINE Workshop!

This workshop addresses water re-use and brine stream valorization and aims at matching brine producers with users of regenerated minerals. The workshop also presents an online platform that facilitates these match-ups.


Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza
Plaza Lucas Miret Rodriguez, 1

Zaragoza, Spain