Youth Engagement in Climate Action | Sustainable India 

19 June 2024 Online All Events

Youth are critical to climate action advocacy and awareness. As the generation that will most be affected by rapid climate change, they must add their voice to the paradigm of solutions, as innovators, advocators and future policy makers. In this panel we hear from youth leaders and changemakers on avenues for youth in India to work with the governance system to advance the conversation on climate action.

We also exchange ideas with youth representatives from Europe. Consideration of the voice of youth is also evident in local governments around the world whereby several municipal commissions, department of climate/environments, and local urban bodies are consulting or involving people in the youth age group through fellowships, such as the Climate Fellowship, by the Government of Maharashtra.

In this webinar we seek to explore:

– The evolution of youth engagement in climate change conversations in India

– What avenues are available for youth when it comes to advocating, innovating, and creating solutions towards climate change

– What are some of the challenges youth faces when engaging as a relevant stakeholder in the fight against climate change

– What more can be done to galvanize the ‘youth movement’ towards climate action

Hear from our list of riveting expert panellists, including: 

Lipi Mehta, Head – Outreach & Partnerships, Paani Foundation 

Samrat Deb, Senior Program Officer – Governments and Policy, South Asia, Climate Group 

Amit Tuteja, Connecting Dreams Foundation 

Swati Maini, Founder, Maini Renewables