Sparking Water Action Through Storytelling

Man collecting plastic waste by the sea in Tunisia.

Photo: Kevin Scarlett


AMWAJ Alliance, an initiative at REVOLVE, invites you to join the first Tabadul of 2023 on March 22 at 3pm CET, to learn about storytelling techniques and tools that can help you better connect with your audience and spark action in them.

The workshop, which will coincide with World Water Day, will revolve around a growing issue in the Mediterranean: water pollution. In line with the theme of this year’s World Water Day, ‘Accelerating Change’, we will be giving visibility to initiatives and tools that are accelerating change to tackle water pollution – particularly plastics in water.

Tabadul (meaning “exchange” in Arabic) is a space for connecting with inspiring initiatives and enhancing knowledge exchange on effective communication approaches.

Our commitment this year is aligned with World Water Day and World Environment Day. Through events like Tabadul, we aim to bring to light important and exemplary initiatives, tools and strategies that are contributing to a healthier Mediterranean.