RESIST Media Briefing: Nature-based solutions for a positive economy

29 May 2024 Online All Events

Unleashing Economic Potential for Climate Resilience in Europe 

Europe stands at a critical juncture where it must harness its natural resources and strategic initiatives to not only mitigate climate change but also bolster economic prosperity. Nature-based solutions (NBS) offer a multifaceted approach that can address environmental concerns, drive economic prosperity and enhance societal well-being. 

RESIST proposes a media briefing focusing on the economic aspect of NBS as a compelling angle to attract public and private funding for regional climate adaptation efforts. NBS has a vital role in the shift towards a nature-positive economy and nature-based enterprises (NBE) have an increasingly important role in delivering solutions. The session’s objective is to highlight the key economic rationale for investing in NBS as a cost-effective and sustainable approach to climate adaptation.  

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Throughout this briefing, we will explore the transformative potential of nature-based solutions, examining how they can pave the way for a resilient, sustainable economy in Europe. We will highlight the role of collaboration between policymakers, industry leaders, and civil society in driving forward this agenda.

Journalists will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of NBS and its positive economic and societal impact, all exploring stories that portray the economic dimension of NBS in Europe related to the economic dimensions of NBS, including business innovation, financial incentives, and market trends. The briefing will provide access to experts, case studies, and data to support in-depth reporting on the topic. RESIST will encourage journalists to investigate further the economic opportunities and implications of NBS in their reporting.

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