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24 Mar 2021


All kinds of ecosystems can be restored. But in the first Tabadul, AMWAJ will focus on river ecosystems, providers of our precious freshwater. This first exchange will bring together communities, innovators, journalists and communicators at all levels, private companies and individuals ready to make a change.

AMWAJ will contribute to the 2021 World Water Day (22 March) with an online gathering that will delve into the importance of using compelling visual stories to raise awareness about this topic. The session will showcase successful river ecosystems restoration campaigns in the MENA region through engaging formats. The format of the session will allow participants to discover innovative campaigns and initiatives across the Mediterranean and get insights into the creation process of producing the communication assets.

It’s time to act and Tabadul is a knowledge-sharing space for the people who are making a great effort on the ground. AMWAJ joins the global call for conservation and restoration and embraces its mission to promote nature-based solutions across the Mediterranean region to ensure water, food and energy security for all.

AMWAJ’s commitment this year -aligned with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration- tackles climate change, biodiversity and the land degradation crises. The AMWAJ Alliance is building on the lessons learned over many years to forge new collaborative restoration partnerships and reinforce existing efforts.

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24 Mar